Discounts for Locals, Veterans and Educators

Posted by Nate Sambar on Feb 15th 2014

So many new happenings
Just here in June we've launched many new classes, will be dropping new products almost weekly and are finally able to host public events. So we thought it time to help those of you that are our neighbors enjoy our events and classes. So we are rolling out 10% discounts for all local Sand City & Seaside residents, Veterans and any teachers/educators.

How do I take advantage of this?

Easy, simply create a login on our website. It will ask you to identify if you are one of these classes. If so, then whenever you are logged in, you will see your prices are discounted. 

Are there any restrictions?

Not much, discounts apply to all classes, events and studio merchandise. But they do not extend to MGW Exclusive or Gallery works.