SPRING '21 - Application for Glass Scholarships

Are you a student studying in a creative or design field that would like to learn how to apply your creative skills to the glass medium?

We will be funding classes for students who otherwise would be unable to afford/access glass arts training. Classes include either hot or warm glass as well as instruction on 3d fabrication. Scholarship recipients will receive full class tuition. 

At least three scholarships are available for the spring. We will attempt to make more available depending on support from our Patron Member funding.

We accept applicants of ALL skill levels. Ideal applicants will demonstrate an existing passion for one of three areas, and an expressed desire to learn how to express themselves in the glass medium:

  1. Illustration - drawing, painting or printmaking
  2. Sculptural - clay, wood, welding, paper
  3. Digital - 3d design, 2d design. digital illustration

Completed Glass Scholars will also learn to present their finished work (critique) to fellow students, artists and patron sponsors.


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