Spring 21 - Call for residencies

Are you a skilled glass artist looking for a residency on the Monterey Peninsula?

We would love to host you. We will be funding two residencies this spring, one for hot glass, and another for warm. We will provide full access to the tools of the fab lab and glass studio for two weeks, including two weekends of full glass team support for production. In return we ask:

1. Donate a piece/pieces for charitable auction to support fighting climate change.

2. Allow Monterey GlassWork Patrons to watch your production during studio sessions. 

Monterey Glassworks will provide all materials, fabrication, equipment & production space.


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  • Hello! I just came across your Instagram and am very excited your in Monterey! I went to Monterey High and have always thought that area needed a studio. I started working with glass at CCA. I saw you offered a residency. Are you planning on offering it again? Congratulations on the new studio!! Here is my website www.thejoehobbs.com .
    Best regards,
    Joe Hobbs

    Joe Hobbs

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