Collection: Sculptural

Monterey GlassWorks blows, casts and slumps glass to create many non-lighting architectural fixtures, both table top and mounted panels. Similar to lighting, these are available in different collections and through personal commissions.

Studio Series

Always available collections of our most popular designs. These can be ordered as is or customized to your colors, count or mounting material needs. 

Limited Collections

These collections include series made by designers to be issued as limited editions. All serve a singular purpose... use brilliant design to help to drive awareness andfinancial advancement of global sustainability and environment defense. 

Artist Collaborations

Every quarter we sponsor creatives from  a variety of fields to use our studio to make one of a kind works. These limited works are available in partner galleries but also through Monterey GlassWorks directly. 

Commissioned Works

These are our absolute favorites. Have a theme you feel passionate about? Working with a designer or architect on a tricky space? Contact us, or come visit. We'll happily design customer fixtures for your unique space.

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