Private Commissions

One of a kind

"There is nothing more satisfying than walking an empty space with a client, listening to their desires and then with pencil in hand, helping conceive an entire new installation concept.


To once again walk that space but now with our imagination made real ... well, that's the feeling we all as creators live for, isn't it?"

1. Design

We work with the customer or their designer to understand the end desire. We prepare conceptual options to explain how a chosen installation might look and function within the final space.



Moodboards, sketches, digital renderings and estimated pricing.

2. Prototype

Many of our installations have components that must be 

prototyped prior to final approval. This allows customers and designers to review multiple color, texture and sizing options in real space and light before giving final approval.



CAD drawings, Tooling, Electrical and Load requirments, physical prototypes of individual components.

3. Production

Final production and pre-installation testing assembly are performed on premesis in our Monterey CA studio. Final goods are then crated and shipped to destination via licensed art carrier transport.



Your completed installation work delivered to its installation site. If installation is local, MGW can arrange contract installation.