Bijou Drops

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LED lighting has dramatically changed the diversity of forms available to the designer. Bijou Drops benefit from being able to place an LED light into a solid form of glass. Every wave, depression or nuance pressed into the sphere when creates interest. 

Each piece is unique as all are hand made by rolling molten glass over beach stones while shaping. Used most often in modern, contempory, industrial and eclectic space design styles.


Atmospheric - Similar to casters, these will cast variable light into the surrounding space and is threfore terrific for creating atmosphere. They can be dropped as single pendents or clustered in large 50+ chandelier drops to create stunning visual displays.

Focused spot - These designs can be made with open or closed bottoms. Open bottoms project a very tight spotlight onto the surface below (common over islands for example). Closed forms project no light down and instead are used to project atmospheric hue into the surrounding space.

Size - Bijou drops are approximately 4" in diameter 

Line-of-site flexibility - Designers generally like Bijou Drops as a solution for dropping visual and light points of interest without obscuring line of site for viewers. For example suspending multiple drops over a dinning table or island does not obscure visibility to the guests or room beyond.



  • Multi-unit order discounts - We do offer 10% discount for orders of 3 units or more, 15% for orders of 9 or more. Discount will be applied in the shopping cart.
  • Customization - We love doing custom techniques like custom colors, color gradients and overlays. If this is of interest, check the box marked custom techniques and we will work with you to agree on treatment prior to producing.
  • Customization Pricing - Price for custom techniques is a flat $40/item. (bulk and other discounts still apply to this custom charge). If the only customization you'd like is to have a veil alone added, chose the Veil option by itself. ($20/item)

* All items are made to order by hand. There will be minor variations in sizing and color as befits artisan production.