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Cones fixtures are terrific for changing the perception of the space in which they are used. Tall skinny cones add drama to tall vertical spaces while short wide cones accentuate the horizontal lines and light of surrounding surfaces. 



Spot or diffused lighting - Wide cones nearly completely diffuse the light projected on surface below while skinny cones produce distinct lit circle.    

Aspect ratio - The AR is the ratio of the heighth of the piece vs the width. IE, a Cone 8-4 is 8" tall with 4" wide opening. This will leave a very different impression than a 4-8 cone for example.

Veiled or transparent - In glassblowing terms, veiled means to overlay the bright transparent exterior color over a thin opaque color. Dale Chihuly made this technique very popular with his Macchia series. Veiled pendents will have a thin layer of opaque white covering the inside of the pendant. This will have two effects: the bulb fixture will be obsured and the transparent overlay color will appear to glow. Whereas the transparent pendants will instead show off the bulb in side. 



  • Multi-unit order discounts - We do offer 10% discount for orders of 3 units or more, 15% for orders of 9 or more. Discount will be applied in the shopping cart.
  • Customization - We love doing custom techniques like lip wraps, custom colors, gradients, veils & overlays. If this is of interest, check the box marked custom techniques and we will work with you to agree on treatment prior to producing.
  • Customization Pricing - Price for custom techniques is a flat $40/item. (bulk and other discounts still apply to this custom charge). If the only customization you'd like is to have a veil alone added, chose the Veil option by itself. ($20/item)


* All items are made to order by hand. There will be minor variations in sizing and color as befits artisan production.