Rolling Kelp

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The inspiration for these hand engraved kelp plates derive from the large population of sea life surrounding the Monterey Coastline. I was inspired by the organic shapes of the giant kelp forests that grow underwater and wash ashore in the Monterey Bay. Baring witness to the sheer magnitude of these plants seems pretty surreal and reminds me of just how vast and magical our planet is.

This 18" circle is free hand engraved with one of a kind kelp design hugging the border, not one dish is alike. 

Care Instructions: We suggest hand washing with a soft towel in cool water

- Do not put in dishwasher or heat in microwave

Once sketched, I then use an engraving tool to complete the finished image. I did this design on just two dishes, the 13.5" size and another larger 18" plate. 

These pieces are one of a kind, made and signed by me.

- Magdalena Kelly, Lead Kiln Artist, Montrey Glassworks



Product includes a display stand to feature the item as a piece of collectable art. You are of course welcome to use it for an actual serving dish, but if you do so, please be gentle with it when cleaning. I suggest hand washing with a soft towel in cool water and not putting it in dishwasher or heat in a microwave