Zanfirico - Necklace by Gemma Hollister

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This line of Jewelry is all made by hand here at Monterey GlassWorks by our own resident artist, Gemma Hollister. She has a background in both jewelry making and blown glass. So when helping our visiting artist Aya Oki make cane work for her own venitian Retticello inspired gallery works, Gemma thought to make these hypnotic Zanfirico compontents into necklaces, earings and bracelets. We were equally excited by the pieces and pleased to offer Gemma's first exclusive line as an emerging artist and product designer!

In traditional Venetian glassblowing, cane work or “zanfirico” is a decorative technique used to create intricate patterns and line work on blown glass vessels.  This unique line of jewelry highlights the elegance and complexity of cane patterns by combining traditional glassworking techniques with thoughtful modern design. This series pays homage to the beauty found throughout the process of making.

Gemma Hollister is an artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who specializes in both glassblowing and metalsmithing. Her designs are influenced by her knowledge of traditional craft and belief in the value of handmade objects. She believes that an object’s value is intrinsic to its own history and the hands that made it. Each glass cane is hand pulled and hand cut in the hot shop at Monterey Glassworks, and each cane pattern is unique. Metal components are then fabricated and finished by the artist’s hand.