Oki-Doki Cups

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About the Artifact Series

Three times a year, Monterey GlassWorks hosts pairs of artists in residence. Artists are granted working time in our studios and use of our team to help them make gallery works to advance their own careers. 

In keeping with our strong beliefs about turning Waste-to-Art, we collect up any scraps produced in the making of their art and recycle it to make one-of-a-kind collectable products which are then sold to MGW supporters to help fund future residencies and art student scholarships. 

About the Oki-Doki cups

Aya Oki was one of our artists in our very first residency session. She uses a traditional venetian technique of Reticello cane working in a very modern way to create her Fate Series. We collected waste clippings made during the production of the gallery works, then reheated and shaped them into a limited collection of cups which show off her reticello cane.


All cups are one of a kind, will vary tremendously in size and shape. If you are ordering multiple units, please do not expect matched pairs. 

Quantity is limited to only the units produced during the residency, there will be no reproduction of this series once quantity is gone.