The Dragon

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Magdalena Kelly
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Inspired by traditional tattooing, I free hand drew and engraved this dragon. I love dragons because to me they represent a wrathful strength and power in femininity. Engraving glass is one of my favorite ways to transfer imagery to glass because not only is it tactilely satisfying but also the dremel allows me to add subtle depth to what would be otherwise a 2D drawing. This badass dish is one of a kind and will never be duplicated. Let the spirit of the dragon bring strength and protection to your home!

- Magdalena Kelly, Lead Kiln Artist, Monterey Glassworks


Product includes a display stand to feature the item as a piece of collectable art. You are of course welcome to use it for an actual serving dish, but if you do so, please be gentle with it when cleaning. I suggest hand washing with a soft towel in cool water and not putting it in dishwasher or heat in a microwave.

Dimensions: 22.75" x 6.5"