Tidal Flats Cup

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This is a classic old fashion rocks glass shape, made with Venitian Murrini styling. 

The glassware is made using a traditional Venetian technique called Murrini, where colored glass (recycled in our case) is melted, layered and pulled into long cane. It is then chopped and arranged into various mosaic shapes. The mosaic shapes are finally then reheated, picked up and incorporated into clear glass and hand blown into its final shape. Each piece is hand made, so there will be slight variations in each piece. These are priced, per-glass. If you order multiple glasses, we will ensure matched pairs. (limited variation).


This set was inspired by the shifting tide pools that famously surround us here in Monterey. The water rushing out at low tide reveals an abundant variety of sea-life in amazing colors of cobalt blues, teal greens, and iridescent purples. I wanted to evoke the feelings you get from staring into a tide pool when you look into these drinkers.

- Anthony Dennin, Head Glassblower, Monterey Glassworks 


Care Instructions:

- Please hand wash these lovlies! Use a soft towel in cool water

- Do not put in dishwasher or heat in microwave